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We have had a great time this week working on 'bugs' and learning a new set of characters.  Have a look at some of the things we have been doing


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I hope you are all enjoying your home learning – I miss you all very much and am looking forward to seeing you all again.  Please email me any questions or pictures of your home learning on



practise your sounds so far


 Use the website to


Alpha blocks can help!



We are working on counting on and back from 10 using a numberline this week – look at the videos and see if you can then show your adults how to do it!

To 10

from 10


Main text: 

Oxford Owl Website – Log into ebooks 4-5 years

A Bag of Tricks



  • Read the story with your grown up – what is your favourite part?  Why?
  • Can you find out some tricks that you could do?
  • Put some different objects in a bag – describe them to your family – can they guess what they are?  Ie – it is smooth and spiky – you can use it to do your hair….. A hairbrush
  • Use the keywords on the webpage – what can you already read?  What do you need to work on?  How can you challenge yourself?
  • Start a diary.  Write a sentence in it each day – you can write what you did, what made you happy, what made you laugh – use your phonic sounds for words that you need (if they are not our keywords) 
  • A wizard inspired Yoga session
  • Create a magical land – what will you have in your land?  Who will live in your land
  • Create your own imaginary creatures/people who can live in your land
  • Can you create a magical feast?  Will it be a trick cake with an ‘oozy middle’, a wizard hat biscuit or a magic sandwich with hidden insides?
  • Enjoy a magic key story with your family – It is Mrs Attrill’s favourite!



Don’t forget to keep active….. Use the Jo Wicks PE sessions on You tube.

Use the mindfulness and wellbeing information on the web page

Dance to your favourite song!