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Maths challenges


This week is all about subtraction!

Challenge 1: Subtract using a formal written method (column subtraction) 


What other words do we know for subtraction? What methods do we know? Use the video below to recap column subtraction. 



Task:  Roll a dice to create calculations where you are subtracting a 3 digit number away from a 3 digit number e.g. 729-138=  Extend to a four digit.


Next: write word problems to match your calculations. 

Challenge 2: Subtract using a formal written method (column subtraction) in the context of money. 


This is a skill which we need to learn to be able to work out how much change we should get, when we buy something from a shop. Although when we are out shopping, it is unlikely that we will pull out a pen and paper, I would like you to use column subtraction to support you if needed. 


Task: You have £20.82 in your pocket. Choose something off of the receipt to buy. How much money would you have left? Continue to set youself problems like this- perhaps you could buy three different items from the list. Perhaps you could put it into practise when going to the shop, or ordering a takeaway etc. 

Challenge 3: To provide reasoning when solving subtraction problems. 


Task:  We all know, sometimes when I'm tired I make mistakes. Have a look at the sheet- and see if you can see if I have got the answers to these calculations correct. If they are incorrect, write some sentences explaining how you know- and then show me the correct method. 


Challenge 4: NRICH- subtraction surprise


Task:  Try this NRICH chalenge: