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Week ending 21st October 2021

Our words of the weeks have been 'challenge' and 'weather'.

We have been introducing the word 'challenge' to the children and they have been enjoying completing small challenges such as 'can you draw a picture with chalk?', ' can you find something blue?'. 

At Good Mornings we have been talking about the weather that was happening that day, using words such as 'drizzle', 'chilly' and 'cloudy'

It also began to get a little spooky in Preschool as the children made spiders, investigated ice hands and green jelly that had insects in it (not real insects!). We also discovered what was inside a pumpkin, looking at and touching the seeds.

Our Letters and Sounds activity was 'describe and find it' - can they guess a farm animal with clues and our Numbers and Patterns activity was 'Threading beads' - estimating how many beads will fill their pipe cleaner.

In P.E we played the hoop game, 'who is here today' game and the bean game.


Week ending 8th October 2021

Thank you to everyone who sent a picture of the children brushing their teeth. It has made a wonderful talking point display and the children have loved spotting their friends and the staff.

Our words of the week have been 'smile' and 'different and same'. They have been looking into mirrors for similarities and differences and the children who will be going to school are making a paper plate face of themselves.

Our letters and sounds activity has been 'Mrs Browning has a box', where the children have to guess what hidden item is making a noise.

Our numbers and patterns activity has been 'feely socks', where the children had to guess whats inside the sock by feeling and shaking. Using language such as 'I can feel lots/one'.

In our P.E session we moved in different ways, such as, flying, wobbling and sliding.

Week ending 24th September 2021

We have been busy creating models, exploring musicals instruments and investigating natural materials.

In our P.E sessions we used the parachute, moving it up and down, going under it, and also we did our keep fit 'Superhero training'.

While using the large playground we have used balls for kicking and throwing, hoops for rolling and bikes and scooters for balance and confidence.

During our letters and sounds activity we have been having listening moments inside and out. We used a timer and then talked about what we heard.

Our numbers and patterns activity was 'one or lots'. We looked at cards and talked about if the picture had one object on it or lots of objects on the card.

Our words of the weeks have been 'rules' and 'Autumn'.

Week ending 10th September 2021

Welcome to you all and to a new term at Manea Preschool.

We have all been getting to know each other, learning names and the routines of Preschool.

The children have been busy exploring the room and outdoor areas and finding and trying out new activities and equipment. 

We have made models with construction materials, threaded with cotton reels, created pictures with paint, chalk, pens and on whiteboards.

We have used skittles, balls and hoops outside. We also worked together to go on 'a bus to the beach' and shared lots of stories together such as, 'Handa's Surprise' and 'The tiger who came to tea'.