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Friday 5th


Duration: 15 minutes



Lit by the moon. 

Able to be seen because of the light of the moon. 


It was a bright, moonlit night. 


He proposed to his girlfriend under the moonlit sky. 


He stared out across the moonlit fields. 


The moonlit swimming pool looked calm and inviting. 


The clever stage lighting gave the effect of a moonlit night. 


Can you have a go at writing your own examples? 


Duration: 20 minutes


Starter: Revisit the vocabulary from this week. Can you use each of these words in a sentence? Don't forget the setting in our story is going to be a school, so try to keep your sentences about school too. 


Main: To visualise a text. 


Read this section of text, taken from The Demon HeadMaster by Gillian Cross. Think about the images you get in your head as you read it, 


- What does the playground look like? Is it empty? Are there markings on the ground?

- Where do you see the steps leading to?

- How old are the children? What do their uniforms look like? 


Task: Draw a picture of the scene in this text. Annotate it to show how you visualise each part.