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Week beginning 21.09.20

It's been another busy week in Elm. laugh By the end of this week, all of the children will have brought a reading book home with a post-it note on the front, telling you which day their book will be changed in school. Please remember to send your child's book back on the right day, so that it can be placed in 'quarantine' for a period of seventy-two hours before being sent home with someone else.


So what have we been up to this week? In our Literacy lessons with Mrs Biggs, we have been thinking carefully about how Beegu's emotions change through the story, and also how other characters may be feeling too. In addition to this, our Year 1 children have been thinking about how to punctuate a sentence accurately with a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces, whilst the Year 2s have been recapping the use of question and exclamation marks. 


In Maths with Mrs Johnson, this week has been all about addition. Whilst the Year 1s have focussed on adding amounts using objects and jottings, the Year 2s have been practising using number lines and most recently the tens and ones equipment. 


In the afternoons, as well as our daily phonics lessons, we have begun a two week Science block of work. Our focus is 'Materials', and this week we have had fun carrying out a materials hunt in our bubble area, sorting objects according to the material they are made from, seeing if we can change the shape of different materials (Mrs Johnson thinks we have a future Uri Geller in our midst after one of the children was able to bend a metal fork, surprising us all...wink) and then testing different materials to see which were waterproof and which were absorbent. Wow - that's a lot of Science!


Lastly, just a quick reminder that our Elm Class parents and carers can stay in touch with Mrs Biggs and Mrs Johnson via our class email address - - we would love to hear from you! You will see that this week for the first time there is a 'Homework' tab on this page (scroll down); our class email address is also the place to send any photos of completed homework activities. 


We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and look forward to more learning fun on Monday. 

Year 1 Homework - WB 21.09.20

Year 2 Homework - WB 21.09.20