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Group One/Two

ominous, presumptuous, scrawny, electrifying, scrumptious, teeming, picturesque, chiselled, exhilarating, tedious, trudge, tantalising, impeccable, dewy, ecstatic 

Group Three

dislike, disobey, discolour, discover, disappear, dishonest, disallow, disbelieve, disapprove, discontinue


Please choose one of the challenges below to complete.


This week I would like you to write about your time in Year 5. You can speak about some of the lessons you particularly enjoyed, your time in lockdown, friendships, any funny anecdotes... the content is up to you, provided it is relevant to school. How you present it I will also leave up to you, though I would like your writing to be neat and in full sentences! You may want to present it like a NC report, or an eye-catching poster, or even in the form of a letter to the class. I look forward to reading some of your memories!