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Welcome to the handwriting page. 


We know that it is important that we form our letters correctly when we are writing. Have a look at these videos to show you how to form your letters. We would love to see some photos or videos of your writing!


You could practise forming your letters using pencils and paper, chalk on the pavement, paintbrushes dipped in water, using your finger in a tray of bubbles... the possibilities are endless! 


Children in YR do not need to form their letters on lined paper, we recommend using plain paper at this point. 


MCPS Handwriting c o a d

MCPS Handwriting g q e s f

MCPS Handwriting l i j

MCPS Handwriting t u y

MCPS Handwriting r m n h

MCPS Handwriting b k p

MCPS Handwriting v w x z