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our learning this week

This week we are beginning our work on counting on.  please see the link for further investigation at home - .  We have been playing track games, answering questions such as - if you are on number 4 and throw a 3 - where would you be?  What if you then roll a 0?  Where would you be?


In our literacy we are using new sounds er and ar - have a look at the Geraldine clips

er -

ar -

We are creating lots of words using the sounds we already know - see how many we can tell you!


In our busy learning we have carried out a learning walk - we investigate all the areas in our environment and discuss the challenges that we can carry out - we then work with our friends, discussing ideas and solving problems.  We have worked very hard with these challenges and related them to the learning we are doing about Elmer.


We will also be having a nature walk where we will collect things to create potions for Elmer with.  Then we will discuss what the potion would do - will it turn him grey?  Will it help him fly?  We will use our knowledge from the Elmer stories we have read to help us.


Please see the home link page with more information about our learning and if you require any further information please email