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Friday 26th

Maths Warm Up

Lockdown Day 32 (Friday)



LO: Collect and represent data


Watch warm up input and complete mini task.


It’s over to you today! The video gives you ideas on ways in which you can collect your data, and then present it using either a line graph or a pie chart



LO: Create a model representation of the solar system


It wouldn’t be a school project of learning about space without the solar system model project! I’d like you to have a go at making your own model solar system. You’ve had a chance to research the solar system, the planets within it and also the scale; now I want you to creatively show it!


How detailed you make this is up to you- you can choose to show it in model form, use different items to represent the different planets etc… you can go as in depth as you would like!


The important thing is that you try and get the scale as accurate as possible. I look forward to seeing them!



I want you to skim the text and find the words that are listed at the bottom of the  sheet.


Then I want you to read the sheet properly, underlining any words you don’t understand then looking up what they mean.


Then I want you to write down 5 questions that you think could be asked about that text.



Choose something or a combination of things:

- Joe Wicks videos on YouTube

-  Yoga videos on YouTube

- Design your HIIT session and see if you can complete!

- Invent a new sport, test it and improve the rules.

- Create your own sporting drill to practise a certain skill for your favourite sport.

- Invent an Anglo-Saxon sport, based on your knowledge of what they liked to do.



LO: To produce a piece of writing about an animal


In the last lesson, you researched about an animal of your choice. Today you will be turning the notes and information into a non-chronological report. Do you know the key features? If you don’t remember, see the attached sheet with the key features.

Also, look here for some examples of some of them:


The Rest


- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- Live Joe Wicks session on YouTube in the morning

- TT Rockstars



Mrs Wordsmith – contented

Have a look through the attached PowerPoint. Much like in class, see if you can work out the missing words and then practise using the word in sentences. Maybe try using it in a sentence with a semi-colon or in a De:de sentence.

Furthermore, see if you can use it in this week’s writing tasks!


SPaG Activity

Complete p.5-6 of the activity pack