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Challenge 1: 


It's always important to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Find some time where you can have a discussion with some people in your family- or perhaps you could speak to your friends on the phone or through a virtual platform. 


Imagine you are stuck on a desert island and talk about the following questions: 


Then talk about how you might feel if you were in that situation. 

Challenge 2: 


Sometimes, it is easier to write about our feelings. Have a go at writing a letter to somebody to discuss how you are feeling. You could use the following template. 


Challenge 3: 


We've practised speaking about our feelings and writing about our feelings. Another way we can express our feelings is to- draw them. Watch the video below and then have a go at drawing how you are feeling today. 

Draw Your Feelings - Children's Mental Health Week 2021

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Challenge 4: 


Express yourself through movement. Watch the video below and then try miming or creating a dance for different emotions. Can your family guess which emotion you are miming? 

Emotions through dance

Challenge 5: 


Have a look at the scenarios below and discuss them with somebody else. How would you feel in each scenario? What would you do to help?