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We have been continuing with investigating toys from the past this week, sharing what we notice with our friends.  We wanted to share our favourite pictures as well!

This week we are working hard on our writing - we are using our sounds and also some new keywords that we are learning.  We are creating sentences using these words and have really enjoyed writing our diaries.  We have also been writing words to help Percy keep fit - we have blending sounds to write words such as jump, run, hop!  He will be very fit following our instructions!  Our new sounds are th and ng - geraldine has been helping us with these and we have played pick a picture and real/not real word games to help us remember them.

In maths we are working hard on learning all about doubling - this is something that we have enjoyed doing - identifying if it is a double or not - and then adding the numbers together to get a total.  Did you know that 2+2=4?  As us about other doubles that we have found and use the link on the homelink information below to work on more!

We have been retelling stories in our expressive art work and had a drama session to help us create new stories.  We have been working hard on our small equipment skills and are getting very good with the balls.

Our favourite task this week is to go on a treasure hunt - we have had to follow the map and find the treasure..... ask us what it was and what we did with it!