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Please enjoy information about Diwali shared with Pine Class

This week we are finding out about Diwali.  We have been investigating using the powerpoint above and then deciding what we want to know more about. We found India on the globe and also discussed that the blue on the globe was all the oceans - the seas.


We are finding out about Diva lamps and how these are used in the celebration.  We are also making our own lamps using clay.  Whilst we are making the lamps we are going to discuss what the clay feels like.  Did you know that Diwali is the festival of light?  This is why divas are made and also lots of different lamps.


We are listening to the story of Rama and Sita which is also used in the celebrations and we are retelling our favourite parts to our friends.


Once we have found out lots of information we will be investigating artefacts and discuss what we think they are used for and what we liked best.


In our maths work it has been - 'all about number 4'  - we have been counting, saying one more and one less than, noticing four all around us and how it is written.  We have had lots of 4 challenges to do - and we have to take care when counting!


What an amazing week!

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