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Hello Ash class!

I hope you have all enjoyed your first few days of home learning. Although it's certainly different, by now you should be getting used to working from home. This year, Ash have worked  really hard t0 develop a growth mindset and find new ways to challenge ourselves and find learning opportunities wherever we can- this is the perfect time to put this into practise. We are really looking forward to hearing how you have been challenging yourself and persevering whilst at home. We will continue to update this page each week, on a Thursday, with new activities which we expect you to complete.  Please keep us up to date on how you are doing by asking your parents/carers to email the class email address- 


By now, you should have had a chance to look properly through your packs and will have started to complete the activities that have been set. We are expecting you to complete at least 3 activities from your pack each day. Each day, you should also spend at least 15 minutes reading and at least 15 minutes practising your times tables. Don't forget my last entry on the class web page contained a video of ideas for practising your times tables- along with links to games that you could play. 

Norse Myths: 


For the last two weeks in class, we have been looking at Norse Myths. In class we have been watching clips from videos showing the myths, 'Thor and the giants' and 'Apples of Iduna'. Unfortunately because of the school closure, we didn't get to finish either of these myths! So as promised, the videos are attached below (they do have more than one part, but these should follow on from one another). 

Apples of Iduna - part 1 | Primary English - Viking Saga Stories

Thor and the Giants - part 1 | Primary English - Viking Sagas

Extra Literacy Task:

In need of another challenge? Write a diary entry from the perspective of Iduna. Don't forget to create tension or suspense. 



Extra Maths Task:

Can you complete this Nrich co-ordinate challenge? You will find the problem below, along with a link to the website where you'll find an interactive activity that could support you. 

Keeping healthy: 


We all know it's important to complete lots of exercise to keep you healthy. Below are a few videos that you can use to inspire you to keep moving. 

8 minute workout with The Body Coach

8 minute kids workout 😊

Remember if you have any questions or want to share your work with us get your parents to email the class email address:


Thank you- keep up the hard work and be the best that you can be. 


 Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell.