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This week it is all about CHALLENGE!  We are working on how to challenge ourselves during out busy learning and making sure that we work hard at all times.  In our learning walk on Monday we have thought very hard about the ways that we can use our resources and help the bears.  We have decided to make porridge in the forest school area, making a bunk bed to help Goldilocks sleep over with baby bear and making some wonderful creations in the potion area and the sand pit. It is hard work challenging ourselves and we have helped our friends to do it!

In other news we are starting with our first letter sounds, beginning to identify the sound and letter (phoneme and grapheme) which will then help us when we come to read and write.  We have found lots of objects that begin with these sounds and also highlighted it if we hear the sound in other words.  In maths we are completing our matching and sorting work which involves sorting out all the shoes from the Bear House.  This has been hard work and we have had to identify features in the different shoes to find it's match!

We have also been learning out the new characters in our reading books, they are called Kipper, Biff, Chip and Floppy the dog.  Did you know that Floppy has a magic key to help the children go on adventures?  We are enjoying finding out about some of them!  IT is also Kipper's birthday and we have had to work hard with our scissor control to help make wonderful birthday cards.

Phew what a busy week.

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Look at some of the ways we have challenged ourselves!

In other news we have been completing our bear family challenges.  We have been using the playdough, duplo and magnet bricks to create for the bears and the role play areas to retell and create our own Goldilocks stories.  We have also been creating wonderful artwork for the bear's cottage!  Have a look at some of the wonderful things we have created: