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Our new Science unit is... 


Forces and magnets 


This a hard unit to do at home as we would normally spend some time exploring magnets. If you happen to have a fridge magnet at home- that's great, explore with it and see what you can find out! If you don't we added videos below to help you out. 

Challenge one: What is a force? 

Forces are just pushes and pulls in a particular direction

LO: To recognise pushes and pulls.


Watch the video below. Can you think of other examples of when you use the push and pull force? 


Activity 1: Create a frieze frame showing a push or pull force. 


Activity 2: Look at the pictures on the sheet below (no need to print) and identify the force that is being shown. 

Push and Pull | Balanced and Unbalanced forces | BBC Bitesize | science

Challenge two: Slower and faster 


LO: To investigate friction. 


How does a bicycle slow down or go faster? Explore friction using the powerpoint and then conduct your own experiment! 

Challenge three: Let's explore magnets 


LO: To recognise a magnetic force and be able to sort magnetic and non-magnetic materials. 


Challenge: If you can, find and sort magnetic materials from around your home. Can you notice a pattern?

An introduction to magnets

Magnet | BBC Bitesize | science

Magnetic Materials

The Science Behind Magnets: How do they Work? - Stuff to Blow Your Kids' Mind #2