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our learning this week

Investigating what we had found in our outdoor area - what is it?  How do you know?  What can you use to find out?

Releasing the frog after investigating - choosing where to release it to ensure it was happy and healthy

This week has been about investigating - we worked hard on Monday morning, writing our recounts about what we have been investigating over the holidays - where we went what we did and what we enjoyed.  We challenged ourselves to hear lots of sounds in words and to use our keywords in our writing.  We were very proud of a member of our team who persevered and was able to form the letters p g and m correctly without even being reminded.


After our hard work in literacy we then started to work on the recall of our number bonds to 10.  This was helped by using our numicon pieces to support us.  We were even able to start to record our findings in number sentences.


We then were super investigators - we found a creature in our outdoor area..... a frog!  We brought it into our classroom to look after it and investigate it for a few hours.  It loved the water and was able to climb up the rocks and the logs.  We then used one of the information books in our book box to help us investigate even further - we found out that they came from tadpoles and that they like to jump. We listened carefully to some frog facts and decided that it would be best to put it next to our school pond.  We will miss it but want it to be safe and happy.  We are on the look out for more interesting things to investigate!


Don't forget to look at the home link information which has some useful websites to support our work from this week.  It will give you more detail about our Goldilocks work and how we are finding out about what life was like during the time that Goldilocks was written.


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