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We have been working hard on creating some decorations for the church Christmas trees.  Mrs Stevens decorated it on Monday evening and it looks amazing!

We have enjoyed working on the challenge 'Find 5'

This week we are continuing with our starry night focus work - this time printing stars - using our own hands! We are also adding glitter to make them sparkle. We are also creating our own stickmen using the sticks that we have found in our outdoor areas.


We have worked very hard on setting our own challenges.  We have used the information that we gained last week in all our stickday work and then used our knowledge of our outdoor areas - we chose to use the classroom forest school area, the trike track and the big block area as the focus for our challenges this week in order to continue the work that we had started last week.  Each of us in turn told the rest of the group our ideas and then listened to the ideas of our friends.  Mrs Goude then wrote down all our ideas to go on our challenge wall.


In phonics we are learning the new sounds e, u, r and ck and are really enjoying seeing what Geraldine finds in her house - lots of objects beginning or having these sounds in them.  We have been using our phonic sounds in our writing to help us write our diaries and our Christmas lists.


In maths we are working on our numbers to 5.  Objects were hidden around our environment and we had to locate them - we knew we have found them all when we had found a total of 5.  Before we found the 5 we talking about how many we had found and how many more we needed to make 5.


There is lots of other information and more websites on our home link page below that can be used to support our learning at home.  If you have any questions, please email Mrs Stevens on