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This week our learning walk focussed on using the trike track to create Zog stories.  The Foxes decided to create a 'learning to fly' story.  The little shed became the school and the trike track was the playground, using the trikes to get to school.  The Robins created a 'learning to drive' part of the Zog story where Madame Dragon taught how to use the cars safely and create a Princess Pearl Garage where she could make the cars better!  The Squirrels created a 'doctors' story.  The little shed became the doctors surgery and the trikes were the ambulances!  The Hedgehog group then decided to use the little shed as Madame Dragon's school and they were each a character in the story, all learning to drive.  They even had a Princess Pearl, Gadabout and Zog!

In other learning we have been finding out about the numbers 6,7 and 8 and how they are composed.  Our new sounds are ai, ee, igh and oa (all digraphs!) and we have been reading and writing using them.  We have also been artists, learning how to create sketches of a dragon, we had to follow instructions VERY carefully to do this!

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In forest school this week we have been helping Zog.  He was very impressed with the maps that we made to show him how to reach Forest school, but asked if he could have a nest built for him when he gets there!  We worked very hard together discussing the right materials that we would need to ensure that the nest was the best that it could be!

Our Maps....

We identified the areas that we felt would help Zog find out forest school and told Mrs Goude so that she could record them on the map.

Look at the features we identified....  Can you spot them on our maps?

Our nest ......

Look at our amazing creations for Zog, Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout this week.......