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our work this week

A very exciting week in Pine Class.  All the eggs hatched last week and we have 7 ducklings.  We have used the internet to support us in learning lots more facts about ducks so that we can look after them properly -

did you know that not all ducks quack? 

Did you know that they preen themselves so that they can be waterproof when they go into water?

We have been watching them carefully, seeing what they like to do and making sure that they are safe.

We have also found out that it is science week!  Miss Bridges has sent us a link to introduce us to science week and to help us in our work

(1) EYFS + KS1 Science week - YouTube

We have some tasks to complete this week as it is all about innovation.  We have decided to create an obstacle course that will help the ducks learn lots for when they go into the ponds when they are older.

We will be sharing all our science week work with you during our virtual market place on Friday - look out for news from Miss Bridges!

We have also been very luck and a teacher from Cromwell School in Chatteris has shown us an amazing experiment..... have a look – Methane Bubbles

Other learning this week:

In our phonics we have been learning the sound 'igh' and also using all the tricky sounds we have learnt so far in our reading and writing tasks.  We will also be focusing on our keyword knowledge - please help at home as these are very important.

In maths it is all about length and weight to make sure that our innovations work.  We have also been continuing with our 10 number bonds - ask us how many ways we can now make 10!

What a busy week - we have persevered well and challenged ourselves throughout our learning.  What superstars we are!

An Oracy Challenge

Use the information about science week below and discuss what they have been doing.  What did they help the ducks learn?  What did they create?  What did they enjoy most?