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WC 21/9/20

Another exciting week of learning for Beech Class!


This week we have loved challenging ourselves in our maths learning! We have learnt some very fancy new maths words- exchange, addends and sum- feel free to ask us what they mean!


We have loved learning about addition. We noticed that when you add ten two a number the ones in the original number stay the same. We found this to be very interesting and have explored this in our busy learning. 


We have loved building our addition number sentences outside using our big tens and ones. We can't wait to move onto some even trickier addition next week!





Astonishing Addition

We have also been thinking more about Beegu. We have created a feelings graph to show how Beegu's emotions change throughout the story. We enjoyed discussing our ideas. 


We learnt that sometimes authors don't tell you exactly how a character is feeling so you have to infer this from the clues! We are becoming real reading detectives!

We are excited to be bringing our reading books home this week. Please make a note of the day that the book has come home, as it will need to be returned to school on the same day the following week.