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We have a new Percy story this week - it is called 'After the Storm'.  We have read and discussed the story, then we had a message from Percy.  He needed our help.  He wanted us to help him build some new homes in our forest school area.  What a challenge!  We talked about what we could use and what skills we would develop.  We hope that you enjoy looking at the photographs above.  Some of the comments that were made during our thinking and discussing time were:

'we are tying it to the tree so that it doesn't blow away'

'the back bit needs to be on the floor to keep the animals warm'

'get some sticks to put in there (loops) to keep it down'

'we need to put the big wood on it to stop it blowing away'

'if we build it here it is not too windy'

'we do not want it too high because the animals need to keep warm'

What a wonderful team of creators - Percy will be very proud!

In our phonics we have been developing our skills of reading simple sentences - we used some phonic games to blend sounds together in words and then used some tricky words to read sentences such as 'The dog is big'.

In our maths we have been helping Percy find out how many mice were missing.  He started with 5 mice, some hid in the bucket and we had to guess how many by using the five frame to help us.

On Friday this week we are also having a very special day - it is to celebrate the Winter Olympics - we will be learning all about Kurling and then finding out some information about China.  Ask us at the weekend what we have found out!

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