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Two challenges this week were.....


To help Beegu make a dinosaur story - what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end?




to match the correct objects to their sounds and discuss with your friend


Some super work was seen throughout the week - well done Pine Class!

This week we are finding out about number 6.  What comes before it or after it on a number line - can you count to 6?  Can you recognise 6? How many ways can you make 6?  Can you find the number six around our village on houses etc?


In our writing we are continuing with writing all the sounds we can hear in our diary work and also we are working very hard on forming letters correctly.  


Phonic work is related to learning some new sounds - g o c k.  Please see the actions in the action book that was sent home and also use the sound song on our webpage to support this understanding.


We are also continuing with our work on 'all about me' we are recording about our friends and what our favourite things to do are.


We are also bringing home our first reading books!  We are very excited and will let our parents know who the characters are and discussing what we see in the pictures.  We are discussing the story - what we notice at the beginning, in the middle and at the end! 


Lots of discussions this week!

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