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30th April 2020

Hola! Mr Tull here again. I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I've once again been thoroughly impressed with the work you guys are sending in- you are all working hard and producing fantastic quality... and it sounds like you are enjoying it too!  I've been inundated with work this week, and here are the many, many highlights!



The theme park project seems a real hit at the moment! Clearly we have many budding architects in our class. I've only received a few final outcomes of task 6/7 so far, so it's hard to say who is in the lead, however this currently seems to be the score to beat! If you have managed higher, send me proof : )

 This week, for your theme park project, I would like you to get up to and complete Task 11. Keep me updated on how you are getting on!


For your focused work, this week I thought I would choose something you also really love... fractions! I can hear you cheering in excitement from here. 


I would like you to practise adding and subtracting fractions this week, 15 questions.   Make sure you are choosing different denominators so that you can practise finding a common denominator. Here is a video to remind you how to find the common denominator, in case you have forgotten!


Adding fractions with unlike denominators

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.



You guys have gone all out with the adverts you produced over the last two weeks, and so here are two videos I have been sent... be careful, I think you are about to want to go and spend some money!

The Kong

Still image for this video

The Dog Slipper

Still image for this video

Impressive, I know!


Anyway, moving on...


We are now done with persuasive writing, and so I had a think about what should be next. In the difficult times like these that we are facing, the NHS are doing an absolutely incredible job. You could almost imagine them being superheroes.... which of course leads to...




Over the next few weeks you are going to to be designing, writing about and eventually producing a comic book about your very own, home made superhero. Pretty exciting right?


Here are your week 1 activities. Our first task is of course to think about what makes a good superhero, what sort of superhero yours would be, and to really dig into their life.


- What makes a good superhero? What ingredients would you use to create your own? Write a recipe in poetry form for how to create a superhero.


- Create your own superhero. What abilities do they have? What do they look like?  This could involve drawing and labelling your own hero, designing them on a computer, making them out of lego/ plasticine/ clay etc. I've attached a male and female template if you want to use that.


- Now you have a visual version, create a factfile on them. You could choose to do this on the computer or written in your exercise book. 


Bonus idea: I know you all love drama. Create some props, dress up and introduce yourself on camera. 



This week we will be doing some geography, focused around map reading. Here are some ideas for you to try over the week:

- Create your own atlas of the United Kingdom. Label the key parts, make sure it's accurate in terms of distance and spacing. Use the internet or any atlases you have at home to help you.

- If you have a magnet at home... research how to make your own compass at home, and do it! What direction does your house face? 

- Use a grid to create an accurate representation of your garden.  Turn it into a grid, then place all the different things accurately so everything is just right! This is a ratio and proportion challenge.

- Create a map and put it on a grid. This could be a 2d map your house, of Manea. of a made up city where your superhero lives, a treasure map... whatever you like! Place symbols for where everything is, and don't forgot a key!


Remember, all work can be done in your exercise book or on a computer.




As always, make sure you are reading regularly at home. Try and get onto accelerated reader if you can to do your tests - if you have forgotten your details, ask and I will find them for you.


Here are a couple of activities for you, where you can do the answers into your exercise books. No tests :)



The Extras


Keep up your P.E with Joe Wicks, and of course any other exercise. I know I said I would be putting up something new this week, but the plan has changed slightly... stayed tuned for an exciting new announcement for the whole school next week!.


Your new Mrs Wordsmith challenge sheet:

Your countdown calculation this week is:


Make the number 425




100    3     8     10    75    3


And your riddle is:


What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?