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This week we are focussing on setting our own challenges to help the lighthouse keeper.  During our learning walk we discussed ways that we felt we could use our environment such as creating a potion to keep the seagulls away!  We have had lots of wonderful ideas!

In our artwork we are creating our very own shells using clay - we have to mould the clay and then add detail to make them very realistic - this was after detailed observations on real shells!

In literacy we have been exploring an information text - this is giving us lots of facts about the creatures that live under the sea and we have then written our very own captions to share this information with our friends.

In maths we are working on subtraction - taking away - we have solved problems and used lots of language to support us.  We had to count objects very carefully, roll a dice, count the spots and take away that number of objects.  We then had to count very carefully to find the answer.

Please see the home link information with activities that you can use at home to support the learning as well as the new sounds that we have been working on this week.

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