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Thursday 4th March



Go check out to see all the wonderful things that Mrs Johnson has done and challenged you all to do!


Lockdown Day 36 (Thursday)

Shadowmancer- Part 8



LO:  solve problems involving the relative size of two quantities


You know the drill- watch the video, complete the tasks during the input and then complete the tasks at the end.




LO:  Write a non-chronological report


You are writing the next two paragraphs today.


Don’t forget to use your features checklist in order to make sure you are including all the features of a non-chronological report.


Also, there is your sentence openers and keywords sheet so that your sentences have interesting openers.


Targets for today:


  • Each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences.
  • Only one sentence may start with ‘The’ in each paragraph.
  • Include a semi-colon
  • Include a power of three sentence type




.Let’s apply the skills we looked at on Monday into reading texts over the course of the week.

Read ‘The Midnight Miller’ and complete the questions.



Choose something or a combination of things:

- Joe Wicks videos on YouTube

-  Yoga videos on YouTube

- Design your HIIT session and see if you can complete!

- Invent a new sport, test it and improve the rules.

- Create your own sporting drill to practise a certain skill for your favourite sport.

- Invent an Anglo-Saxon sport, based on your knowledge of what they liked to do.



LO: To research an animal

Last week you researched an animal of your choice. This week I’d like you to research… a human!


Firstly, draw a human. Then, make notes around it on the page. What categories do you think you could include?

Here are some possible ideas:




Other interesting facts


Think about making comparisons between a human and the animal you wrote about last week. What’s the same? What’s different?


In the next lesson, you will be writing your notes into a non-chronological report, so make sure they are detailed notes!

The Rest


- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- TT Rockstars




Tomorrow is your last day for submission, so make sure you have had a go at the task and submitted it!




Write down 3 things you have enjoyed about this week, and 3 things you are looking forward to next week.


SPaG Activity

Complete page 13-14 of the activity booklet


Mrs Wordsmith


Write 2 sentences for each word we have done this week. Can you try and use some of the techniques we have learnt?