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Please find below this week's homework. Each activity can be completed on paper, so you don't have to print the attachments, you can just simply view them.


Some of the homework has been split into cool, medium and spicy. This means you can choose the homework that you will find challenging but not too hard. Remember, if you have completed the homework and you found it too easy then try the next one!


Please send in your completed homework, where applicable, to We look forward to seeing them!


Mrs Revell and Miss Miller.


Please ensure you are reading at least 5 times this week. An appropriate length of time to be reading for is 15 minutes - 20 minutes. Remember, you can complete an AR test the next time you are at school on the book that you have just read.


With Mrs Revell this week, we have been looking at different sentence types.


With Mrs Revell this week you have been learning to add and subtract 6 digit numbers! Keep practising this at home using the following challenges.


Find your group's spellings to learn this week for your test on Wednesday - Good luck!

Group 1 spellings

Please see the sheet below for your spellings.

Group 2 spellings

This week your spellings are:

certain, circle, complete, consider, continue, decide, describe, 

different, difficult, disappear

Group 3 spellings

This week your spellings are:

wish, rash, mash, shin, shut, could