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Friday 18th December



Well done on doing so well in the hard test! We are back to normality now as we move into 2021, so get practising!



There is a mystery to solve! See if you can be a super sleuth and find out who the naughty culprit is!





We have done a lot of narrative work this term, so let's finish it off in style. I'd like you to write a short Christmas story about an Elf. That's the only guidance I'm giving you for the storyline- your main character must be an Elf.

Other than that...


It needs to be as close to 100 words as possible.

It needs at least 10 adjectives.

It needs at least 4 adverbs.

A maximum of two sentences may begin with 'The'

It needs at least 1 As_Ly sentence.

It needs at least 1 Noun, who/which/ where sentence.

It needs to finish... with an ellipsis.