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26th March 2020

Hello everyone! I hope your first week off has been okay, you and your family are well, and you aren't missing school too much. I have received some fantastic work via email, be it informative non-chronological reports, incredible newspaper reports, excellent powerpoints or very tasty looking Mayan treats! Please continue to keep sending over your work, or any questions you have- just a reminder that my email is


Here's the plan for Week 2:


- Reading aloud or to yourself, 15 minutes

- Times table and division facts practice, 5 minutes


Over the week

- Hopefully you've produced one of your writing pieces by now. Time to move on to piece two! Last week I recommended starting on the non-chronological report. This time I would recommend the newspaper report. Don't forget all the features!

- Complete 50 maths questions over the course of the week; these should be a selection from the options on the page. Also, on one of the days, complete the arithmetic SATs paper. is the link to the answers page for all three papers!

- Have a go at the Mayan music task- I'd love to hear your attempts!.


Added extras

- It's very easy to be stuck inside, but obviously we want to be exercising! There are many great providers out there at the moment offering online workouts. I would really recommend  Joe Wicks, the Body Coach. He does them at 9am live on youtube.  Nearly a million people a day are tuning in, including me, so let's do some exercise together!

- It's always great to have some debate going on in the household, so why not discuss the following question with your parents:


Can a baby commit a crime? A dog? Make sure you can justify your answer and let me know what you think via email!