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Monday 8th February

If you’re taking a break from your learning at any point today, and enjoying the snow, do take a picture - we’d love to see them and share them on here! Enjoy!

Daily video 8.2.21


Class assembly - 10 minutes
Literacy - 45 minutes
Class Story - 15 minutes
Guided Reading - 20 minutes
Maths - Starter - 15 minutes
Maths Main - 45 minutes
Mrs Wordsmith - 15 minutes
Spellings - 15 minutes
Science - 45 minutes
GPS - 30 minutes

Please also remember to complete your reading for 20 minutes a day. Once you have finished your reading book, complete an AR test using the useful links page (tree icon).

Also, please complete 10 minutes of consolidating your times tables and division facts by using TTRockstars. The link for this is also on the useful link page (tree icon).


L.O. I am writing the 'who helps?' part of my story.

Watch the lesson below and write your own part for your story.

Class Story

In school an adult will read to you for approximately 15 minutes a day. We have chosen to read to you Harry Potter, a well known children's story, with Bloomsbury's permission.


Guided Reading

L.O. To identify features in the format of the text.

Today I would like you to read the attached text. List all of the features you can find which are characteristic of a non-fiction text.


Maths - Starter

L.O. I am identifying prime numbers and composite numbers.

Watch the video above. Prime numbers only have two factors – 1 and itself. Composite numbers are all numbers that are not prime numbers. These are numbers that are divisible by 1, itself and any other numbers.

So 5 is a prime number as you can only multiply 1 and 5 together.

15 is a composite number. The factors of 15 are 1, 15, 3 and 5.

Sort the numbers below into prime numbers and composite numbers using a table like this.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.

Prime numbers Composite numbers

Maths - main

L.O. I can use both long and short addition methods to solve word problems.

Mrs Wordsmith


Below are your spellings for this week. Continue to revise the words, focusing on the ones you find particularly tricky. 


Group One

guess, guest, guide, guilt, guitar, build, built, biscuit, circuit, disguise, wrap, wreck, wrist, wrong


Group Two

elegance, significance, insignificance, arrogance, extravagance, alliance, appliance, defiance, compliance, reliance, observance, expectance, hesitance, tolerance, dominance


Group Three

thirty, sir, thirsty, shirt, first, girl, bird, dirt, skirt, twirl


L.O. I can explain the impact alcohol has on the body.

Read through the powerpoint below and make notes. Then complete the table on the attached sheet.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings (GPS)

L.O. I am learning the difference between dashes and hyphens.