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weekly overview

This week we are continuing with our work on Pirates.  We are using our treasure map to locate where the hidden treasure is in the outdoor area.  We have learnt about Pirate Pete and predicted where he would find the treasure in his story about treasure island.


We are also creating props for our pirate adventures - eye patches, telescopes and wonderful pirate ships!


In our writing we have also been carrying out treasure hunts - locating the pictures that are hidden, writing lists then using our keywords to create captions.


In our maths we have been creating a treasure hunt to collect objects to fill a ten frame.  During the treasure hunt we will be asking who has the most and how many more are needed to be found to make the total?


We are also working very hard on sharing, taking turns and looking after our friends.


We finished the week with Red Nose Day - where we all celebrated by having our lunch as a pirate picnic!