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Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To know there are different kinds of drugs, some legal and some illegal. To know that some drugs can be good for you and some can be bad for you. 


Before we start, can you talk to someone you know about drugs. What are they? Can you think of examples? Are they all bad for you? Are they all illegal? 

Wise Owl's Drug Safety Kit: Is That Good for Me?

Wise Owl's Drug Safety Kit: What's a Drug?

A drug is any substance (other than food or water) which, when taken, can affect your physical or mental state. Some drugs are legal and some are illegal. 

Wise Owl's Drug Safety Kit: What is a Medicine?

Now have a go at matching the following words to their definitions. These are important words you need to know for this topic. 


Now consider examples of different items that fall under the headings above. Copy out the table and fill it in with your own examples. If you aren't sure about a substance, for example, you don't know at what age it is legal to drink alcohol, you should ask someone. Some examples you might want to consider are: coffee, wine, aspirin, cigarettes, etc. If you don't have time to copy this out, simply discuss it with someone.