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Our learning walk this week was amazing!  We had so many wonderful ideas that we could use our knowledge of the story to help us with.  We discussed the characters and sequence/events in the story and then came up with amazing ideas such as:

a special house to look after the lion and unicorn

hot chocolate to keep the characters warm on their adventures

a potion to make the unicorn have super wings to help her fly

an aeroplane to help the King and the penguins!

a swimming pool to help the mermaid keep cool and some wonderful rooms in the castle to look after the mermaid.

We hope you enjoy the photographs which share some of our fantastic creations.

In other learning this week.....

We have been working VERY hard on our class assembly - learning a whole story to retell to our grown ups!  We have also bee using our sound knowledge to read and write longer words and have been continuing with our hard work in our counting and ordering of numbers.  We have also investigated castles in more detail and found out about drawbridges!  We have then been created our own representation of these in our forest school construction work.

Please see the link above for more information that can be used to develop learning at home and if you require any further information, please email


We have really enjoyed our bingo session this week!  We had to solve problems such as 'What is one more than....,  What is one less than....., what is the number that comes before, what is the number with straight lines, curved lines or two less than.......' then we had to find the answer on our bingo sheet!  

All about Drawbridges.......

We have been finding out more about castles this week, including drawbridges.   Zog set us a challenge of helping Princess Pearl create a new drawbridge for her castle so we explored!   We  watched the Tower of London drawbridge working on youtube and then investigated them closer in books.  Mrs Goude then took us in our groups to the block area with a HUGE drawbridge!  We had to work together to explore how it could work and what we would need to use to make it move up and down.  After lots of discussions and practicing ...... IT WORKED!  Look at the pictures below of all our hard work.

We then continued the work in the classroom with our different construction and creating areas.  Princess Pearl will be so pleased!