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Year 1

Maths Homework


This week, our learning has been all about 3D shapes. We found out that a 3D shape is one you can get hold of, like a cylinder, cube or sphere. We also found out that 3D shapes have faces, edges and vertices.


For your homework over half-term, we would like you to go on a 'real life shape hunt' around your home and garden. For each of the shapes listed below, can you find a real life example? A real life example of a sphere could be a football, and a real life example of a cuboid could be a cereal box.


You can record what you find in any way you like - you could take photos, make a table to show the shape and the real life object you've found, or you could draw pictures of the objects and label them with the shape that they are. The shapes to look for are:


  • Cube
  • Cuboid
  • Cylinder
  • Cone
  • Sphere
  • Triangular prism


Good luck!

Literacy Homework


Over your half-term break, we would like you to write a recount about something that you do. Have a look at the picture below for some helpful hints about writing a recount.


You might choose to write about a special day at home, a day where you got to play with some of your favorite things, a day where you went out, or something else! It is up to you! 


Remember to think carefully about your spelling, punctuation and handwriting!


We hope that you have a really super half-term break and can't wait to read about something that you have been getting up to!