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CELEBRATING OUR DISPLAYS. We use displays for a range of purposes around the school. Please look at some of our latest displays.

Celebrating children's work - 'Supertato'
Drawing in Year 6
Clay work exhibition box
Writing from Year 5
Writing from Year 3
Art from Year 6
Writing from a 'Challenge Board' in class
History work
Year 4 work
Year 3 work
Maths display
RE work
Year 2
Homework displayed
Competition entries
Attendance Race display
Reading Race display
We display areas the children interact with
Topical and seasonal displays
Displayed resources
Our own school history
Words children are learning
This is through the vocabulary project
Key Stage 2 - working on words from Mrs Wordsmith
Growth Mindset displays
How to be resilient
Displays in the outdoor environment
Corridors are a display in themselves
We celebrate excellent presentation