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Childs Medication


Please see below some advice on what to do when you need to bring prescribed medication into school for your child.

**You as the Parent/Carer yourself need to bring the medication into the school office and ask for one of the First Aid team, ideally Mrs Lianne Ashman. (First Aid Admin)

Your child’s medication will be stored securely in their class room and will also travel around school with them, I.E Inhalers outside during playtime etc.

Please check all medication is in date and labelled in the original doctor’s packaging with the original label stating your child’s name, D.O.B and dose to be administered. Please then complete the relevant Medical Consent Form and return along- side the medication to the school office, to Lianne Ashman.


Prescribed Medication:  (Prescribed Medical consent Form to be completed)

If your Child has been prescribed medication to be taken 3 times a day, we kindly ask this to be administered at home, Morning, after school and in the evening. If there is a time this cannot be done then please see Lianne Ashman at the school office and we can discuss in more detail.

Within school we can accept prescribed medication for your child and support with the administer of this medication. There are only trained teaching staff who can authorise and administer the medication for your Child.

You will need to complete the Prescribed Medical consent form and return to the school office to Lianne Ashman, along with the medication. 


Asthma: (Asthma/Inhaler consent form to be completed)

If your child needs an inhaler in school, then please make sure the Inhaler box and the Inhaler both have the original Doctors/Pharmacy label on them. You then need to complete the Asthma/ Inhaler consent form in the school office and discuss with Lianne Ashman.


Un-prescribed Medication and Ointments :

We can on occasion accept Un- Prescribed medications and Ointments, but this needs to be discussed with the First Aid Team, again ideally Mrs Lianne Ashman, who will then discuss with the relevant team for you.