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weekly overview

Phonics (choose two activities each day)


Discuss the sounds that we have already learnt

S a t p I n m d g o c k e u r ck

Watch the phonic sound video and focus on the above sounds – learn the rhyme for each sound!


we are looking at blending our sounds together – model these sounds and see if your child can blend them – c-a-t

d-o-g   m-a-p  etc.  then play the following blending game on phonic play – model blending the sounds together to read the word.


Can they write any sounds?  Say the sound and write the letter – use our formation examples in our handwriting video on the main class page.


Maths (choose 2 activities each day)


Recite numbers to 10 and then back from 10 to 0 – say it loud, say it quietly, stamp when you are reciting, clap when you are reciting


Balance on one leg – how high can you recite to when you are balancing?  Do it again – did you balance for longer this time?


Play the gingerbread game – can they count the objects carefully and match to the correct number?


get some dried pasta – grab a handful – can you count them carefully?  Can you write the number?  Grab some more – how many this time?  Can you add them together?  How many in total?


Text:  Beegu – tell your grown up all about our story!


Watch a you tube reading of the story and then discuss the events in the story – how would you feel if you were beegu?  How could she be helped?




  • Create your own diary that you will be using throughout lockdown.  Choose a book or create your own book using paper stapled or joined together.  Create a wonderful front cover which is titled…. My Diary!
  • Create a portrait of Beegu – look closely at her ears, her eyes – can you draw and colour in exactly?  Email in a photograph to for it to be added to the wall display
  • Beegu is going home – can you create her a rocket or a spaceship- what will you use?  Reclaimed materials?  Playdough?  Lego?  Can you write labels for the parts?  Can you explain your creation to your adult?
  • Make Beegu a lovely meal for the journey– we are going to create ‘pizza bread’ at school! – let me know what you decide to make with your grown up.
  • Read a book together – use the oxford owl website and choose 4-5 year old books or 4-7.  I really like Big Bad Bug!

  • Talk to your grown up about your favourite thing that you have done this week – what did you challenge yourself with?  Did you find it hard?  What did you do to help?
  • Let Mrs Stevens know something that you have done this week

Keep active:      FInish you daily activities with an active session:

Enjoy our very favourite COSMIC yoga – a space adventure


Please look at the daily challenge video from Mrs Stevens.  If you require further information please contact Mrs Stevens on