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Friday 26/2/2021

Zoom call - 10:00 a.m. 

In preparation for this call, please bring with you a paper and a pen and a joke to share with the class. We will be recapping the topics of road safety, fire safety and water safety. I will also ask some of you to share a fact from your report on Manea. 

Friday 25th


What makes you laugh? Tell a joke to a family member. Who can tell the best joke? 


Duration: 15 minutes


A prefix is a letter or letters added to the start of a word to change its meaning.

The prefixes ‘anti’ means ‘against’

Most prefixes are added to the beginning of root words without any change in spelling.


Please practise your spellings for fifteen minutes. Use 'Look, Cover, Write, Check'. 


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To edit and improve your report on Manea. 


In order to edit and improve something, we need to know how to do this. Can you think of how you might edit and improve something? What would you do to your work if we asked you to improve it?


Please watch the video below now for some ideas. 


Editing Your Writing For Kids

Editing & Improving for Kids

Next, here are the features you should have included in your report. Go through and make sure you have included each of these. If you haven't, you can use this as a starting point to improving your report. 


Finally, try to edit and improve your report so it is as good as it can be. You can use any of the ideas above to help you. Copy it up in your best handwriting and remember to include your pictures or diagrams. 


Duration: 20 minutes

LO: To read for pleasure. 



Duration: 15 minutes




In a body of water - having no current which often results in an unpleasant smell. 

Showing no activity - dull or sluggish. 



On the hottest day of the year, the smell from the stagnant lake was worse than ever. 


The stagnant pool of water couldn't have looked less inviting. 


The river that had once flowed gently through the town, now lay still and stagnant. 


You should never drink stagnant water. 


The stagnant sales caused by lockdown has forced many shops to close their doors. 


Can you think of your own examples? 


Duration: One hour


Starter: Complete these questions as quickly as you can. You will need to round to the nearest ten and then estimate the answer. 





1. 60

2. 70

3. 90

4. 80

5. 140

6. 110

7. 140

8. 170

9. 180

10. 200

In the example above, the thousand is represented by a cube of one thousand blocks. The hundreds are represented by squares of one hundred blocks. The tens are represented by rows of tens and the units are represented by single blocks. Look at the following examples to help. 

Now you are going to practise representing numbers this way. Look at the example below which shows you how to represent thousands, hundreds, tens and units. 

The thousand is a cube. 

The hundred is a square.

The ten is a line. 

The unit is a square. 

Have a go at representing the following numbers and then check your work against the answers below. 







Task: Now have a go at writing your own five numbers and representing them in the same way. 


Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To know there are different kinds of drugs, some legal and some illegal. To know that some drugs can be good for you and some can be bad for you. 


Before we start, can you talk to someone you know about drugs. What are they? Can you think of examples? Are they all bad for you? Are they all illegal? 

Wise Owl's Drug Safety Kit: Is That Good for Me?

Wise Owl's Drug Safety Kit: What's a Drug?

A drug is any substance (other than food or water) which, when taken, can affect your physical or mental state. Some drugs are legal and some are illegal. 

Wise Owl's Drug Safety Kit: What is a Medicine?

Now please have a go at matching the following words to their definitions. 


Now let's consider examples of drugs we know based on the definitions we have just looked at. Copy out the table and fill it in with your own examples. If you aren't sure about a substance, for example, you don't know at what age it is legal to drink alcohol, you should ask someone. Some items you might want to include are: wine, cigarettes, aspirin, coffee, etc. If you haven't got time to fill out the table, simply discuss it with someone. 



Duration: 20 minutes



Are zoos beneficial to animals? 

How has lockdown impacted zoos? 


Consider the questions above, now discuss the following questions with someone: 

What benefits do animals get if they live in a zoo? 

What sort of things can we learn if we visit a zoo? 

Are there any disadvantages for animals that live in zoos? Consider such things such as space, company, temperature, flight, nocturnal, etc. 

Where do zoos get their money from to look after the animals? 

How then has the lockdown impacted the zoos? Has it just been financial? 


Now go back to the first two questions. Can you expand on your original answers? 




Duration: 15 minutes

Chapter 4 - With permission from Simon and Schuster