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Woodwork without tools!


Not a stick..

Not a stick..

Some of you may have heard this story before.


A stick could be absolutely anything if you use your imagination!



You don’t need saws, drills or saw horses to do a bit of basic woodworking, or at least crafting out of wood. You may have trees in your garden to provide twigs and small branches but if not, just make sure you gather some if you can on your daily exercise. Teemed with some string or wool and the contents of your recycling bin, the world is then your oyster! You can even practise some rope skills to make a natural naughts and crosses board and you can even have a go at twig chimes, stick people and mini tee-pees. And if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, why not grab a can from the recycling (be careful of sharp edges) and use it to make a bug house, simply fill it with sticks and rolled up bits of cards, decorate as desired and hang or slot it somewhere outside where it’ll be relatively undisturbed and might attract some small visitors.