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23rd April 2020

Hello again everyone! I hope you are all well and making the most of the sunshine. I would just like to start off with a huge thank you to everyone who has emailed me this week. It is genuinely uplifting to see so many of you enjoying your work, so keep it up! Here's a selection of the wonderful work you've been sending in:



Really great work on the ctheme parks so far! You should have got up to Task 4. This week I would like you to get up to, and complete, TASK 7. This will see you complete Season 1 of your theme park, a challenging proposition for sure! This is the big moment- how much money do you have in your bank?  Send me a picture of your final total and I will put the current leader's work up on the website!


It would seem not everyone is a fan of division! It sounds like Master Pent has the right idea about it all though.


This week we will focus on something that I know you enjoyed just as much as division... finding percentages of amounts!


For example, find 22% of 150.


Here is a link to a video recap for you all, in case it has slipped your mind.


I would like you to complete 15 percentage questions. Generate the numbers yourself, and vary it up. Pick percentages such as 15% for an easier challenge, or numbers like 27%, 34% etc for a harder challenge.


Outdoor Challenge- Rather than doing your work in your book, why don't you do it in the garden? Maybe use chalk  and do it on a pathway, or a wall. The more creative the idea, the better! 



As you know, we are thinking about persuasive writing. Last week you had to think about what makes advertising effective, and create an advert for something in your home. 


I now want you to apply this to your theme park. Your theme park has just been created, and it needs advertising! How you do this is up to you- here are some ideas:

- Create a TV advert 

- Create a radio advert

- Create a leaflet advert

- Create a brochure page for your theme park.


You need to think about what makes your theme park special, and why people would want to visit it. You need to use persuasive and emotive language, to try and hook people in. 



Above is an example of a good persuasive piece about Alton Towers- see if you can do just as good a one about your theme park!




I've been receiving some fantastic work from you guys about the Tudors! I'm glad you finding it so interesting. We do only have two weeks assigned to it, but obviously if you want to carry on researching afterwards, then be my guest!


Our topics for this week:


Children: What was life like as a Tudor child? What games did they play? (It certainly wasn't Playstation or Xbox). I want you to research their games, and then invent your own in the similar style! Write rules for it, video yourself playing it, whatever you like.


Punishment; The Tudors loved a good punishment, and had some interesting methods! I would like you to research these, and then show your information through the power of Top Trump Cards. You will need to decide on the categories of the different methods for your cards, for example:


Spectacle (how good was it to watch?)

Speed (Was it a quick death?)

Pain (Was it painful? Or humane?)



Grade all the different methods ( is a good link for them all) and create some Top Trump cards to play a game with!


Disease: Health and hygiene wasn't the best during Tudor times, and disease was everywhere. Please research these and then present in an interesting way- this is a prime opportunity for a Powerpoint!



This will be the same as last week, just a different paper:





The Extras


P.E with Joe keeps on going, and I know many of you are still doing it. Keep that up, and next week I will be introducing something a bit new and different to you all, so watch this space!


If you are missing your Mrs Wordsmith words, here are a few ideas on things to keep you ticking over.

Can you work out the word using your Countdown skills?




And finally, a riddle:


What happens once in a lifetime, twice in a moment, but never in one hundred years?