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Home learning: Monday 14th September

Hello Ash Class

I am sorry I did not get to see you today. I hope you are all well. Please complete as many of the activities below as you are able. There are challenge activities too if you want to do extra. 

I will see you on Friday hopefully. 

Kind regards and thinking of you all. 

Mrs Causer


Please watch the video below that shows the 4x table. Have a go at writing out the 4x table yourself. Then, complete the attached sheet. Ask someone to mark it for you. You do not need to print it out. You can write the answers on a piece of paper if you prefer. 


Challenge - Recite the 4x table backwards. 

4 Times Table Song


Look at the following pictures of mythical creatures. Based on the pictures, what do you think a mythical creature actually is? 


A mythical creature is one that no one has ever seen in real life, nor can it be proved they exist. It is often made up of two animals or is part human. We know about them because stories of them have been passed down through generations. 


Please pick one of the mythical creatures above or choose your own and write five sentences to describe it. 


Challenge: Use a thesaurus to improve your sentences. 


Find twenty different ways of moving. Practise moving in these ways outside. For example, walking, hopping, skipping, etc. 


You will need these ways of moving in your P.E lesson next Monday. 


Please look up the term 'Inspiration'. 

Use a dictionary or the internet. Write the definition down. 


There are lots of people we look up to and want to be like. People who inspire us encourage us to be better people or to work harder.


Make a list of five people you know who are an inspiration to you. Explain why, for example: 

My mum/dad because she/he works hard and is always there for me. 


Next, try to think of three famous people who inspire you, for example, you might choose a famous footballer, a film star or a cartoon character. Give reasons as to why these people or characters inspire you. 


Jesus is an inspiration to many Christians around the world. Please discuss with someone what you already know about Jesus. Can you remember where he was born? Can you remember any stories about him? Do you know anything about his death? Why do you think he is such an inspiration to millions of people? 


Guided Reading

Please watch the attached video that shows the poet, Michael Rosen, reading his own poem. Then, read the poem yourself. Practise reading the poem with fluency and expression. 


Challenge: Answer the attached questions under the poem. 

Hot Food - Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen