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Wednesday 06/01/21

Wednesday 06th January 2021

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 Spend another day practising the spellings you had for homework over the holidays. If you can ask somebody to read these for you and have a little test!




Our Accident Accident 
House Accidentally Accidentally
Full Actual Actual
Pull Actually Actually
Push Address Address
  Although Although 
  Answer Answer
  Appear Appear
  Arrive Arrive
  Believe Believe
 How did you get on? Let me know!




Look at the picture below:



 Now look at the words below. Which words start with a consonant? which start with a vowel? 

Read the explanation text below to someone in your house.

Talk about:

What do you notice about the explanation text?

What features does it have? (title, subheadings, diagrams, introduction)


Have a look at the cards below and decide which of these that you would expect to see in an explanation text.

Talk about:

Would you expect to see speech marks, a character description etc?


Plenary  -

 Look in any books that you have at home to see if you could find examples of any of these.



Today we are looking at ordering and comparing numbers up to 1000. 


Here is a lesson by the Oak Academy Trust. Watch the video and complete the tasks! You will need a dice for the activity, If you do not have one at home have 6 labelled pieces if paper and pic them at random to gather your digits! 

Find the lesson here!




Take a look at the picture below and use your skills of prediction to answer the questions

  • What’s on the other side of the door?
  • What is the girl holding in her hand? Why?
  • How did she get to the forest?
  • Where is this?
  • Who hung the lanterns in the trees?
  • Where does the stream lead?
  • Will the girl go back through the door or stay in the forest? Predict what will happen next.

Topic- Science


Take a look at the presentation below.

If you are unable to do this here is a useful video to watch!


7 Characteristics of Life - Mrs Gren - Mrs Nerg - BBC Curriculum Bites

Spend some time in your garden. Using the information you have learnt from the video identify four living things and use observational drawing skills and draw them. Afterwards write down how you know that they are living things.