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Tuesday 2nd Feb


Good morning 

Good morning Ash Class. It is important that you fit your learning into a time table which works best for you, but below is our suggested format for you. Please remember if you have any problems with today's work to send Miss Bridges an email at We would also love to see photographs of your work today. Good luck with your challenges. 

Collective worship

Think about the following scenarios: 


- Situation 1: It is sports day and you are happy that you are in a relay team. However, you know that people in the other teams can run faster than you. Why would you need perseverance? 
- Situation 2: You find reading very difficult and you want to give up. Why would you need perseverance?
- Situation 3: Your best friend seems grumpy and you are getting impatient with them as you just want to go and play! Why would you need perseverance?


LO: To estimate the answer to addition problems. 


Starter: To find the perimeter of a rectangle. 

Fancy a challenge? Try this one... (Remember there are 10mm in 1cm)



It's important for us to know how to estimate the answers to calculations. This helps us to check our answers quickly.


We must use our skill of rounding to help with this. In our heads, we would round the numbers in the question to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. If we want a precise answer- we would round to the nearest 10.


How to estimate using rounding off | Math | Grade-3 | TutWay |

Estimating adding large numbers by rounding

Estimating adding large numbers by rounding

Class story: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 

With permission of Harper Collins

Chapter 10 part 1

With permission of Harper Collins


LO: To recognise the features of an explanation text. 


Starter: To recognise and use apostrophes for plural possession 

Last week we looked at using apostrophes for plural possession. Have a go at creating your own silly sentences using the table below. Draw a picture to go with your sentences. 



What does the word explanation mean? 


Watch the video HERE  to help you recognise some features of an explanation text. 


If you can, have a look at the text below and see if you can identify some of the features of an explanation text.


Then- have a look at this jumbled explanation text- can you put it in order?


Guided Reading 

LO: To infer information from a video. 

This week, we are continuing to focus on the skill of inference. This is where we gather information by 'reading between the lines' or looking for clues in a text. Today I would like you to watch the video below and think about the character of Tiddalik the frog. As you watch the video, consider what type of character he is. (Click the picture below to load the video- it's near the bottom of the BBC page)


  1. Task: Either draw a big picture of Tiddalik the Frog that takes up a whole page or you can use this outline drawing of Tiddalik if you have a printer.

  2. Inside your drawing, write down all the things that you have inferred about Tiddalik from the video.

  3. To do this, you need to think about how he acts and behaves, and what this shows you about him.

Think about:

  • what he's like

  • whether he is a good friend

  • whether he is kind or mean

  • what the other animals might think about Tiddalik


If you want to challenge yourself, see if you can provide the evidence to support your ideas. Using the word 'because'.

For example: I think that Tiddalik is mean and selfish because he drinks all the water when the other animals have not had any.

Mrs Wordsmith

LO: To revisit words we have learnt before. 

Mrs Wordsmith revisit 1_Trim.mp4

Still image for this video


#ThisIsPE - Coordination with ball skills

#ThisIsPE - Agility and throws


LO:To read and write the names of animals in French 

To access the learning resources for your French lesson please visit the Language Angels website by clicking HERE


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Your challenge is to revise the five animals we looked at last week and learn the next five!

Follow the paths below, you may need an adult to support you.


Entry Level Challenge,

Unit 7,

Lesson 5


There is an interactive Powerpoint for you to use like we do in class and some interactive games to try.