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The Teaching of Phonics in School

In Reception, Year 1 and 2 the Jolly Phonics scheme is used to teach phonics. Jolly phonics teaches both the phonics and grammar skills needed to become secure readers. 

The scheme works by following the different stages of reading. Stage 1 focuses on the initial letter sounds. The children then learn to segment and blend sounds which is their first step to becoming readers. 


Stage 2 progresses to digraphs and trigraphs and the children learn to apply these skills to both their reading and their writing. All children learn to say and write words which have irregular spellings or are 'tricky'. When the children move into Year 2 they  move on to Stage 3 which includes alternative pronunciations and grammar skills which includes the application of grammar in writing, dictionary skills and proofreading.


The scheme works alongside our current reading books as well as Jolly Phonic decodable readers.





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