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Literacy Challenges


Last week we looked at the short animation "embarked". Here is another animation to watch below. What are the similarities? What are the differences? Which do you prefer and why?



In both animations, we see objects without human characteristics being turned into main characters. 


Challenge one: Find an inanimate object from around your house. Can you draw it as a character? Perhaps you could build it out of different resources? See how creative you can be! 



Challenge two: Now let's write about it using a range of sentence types.  



Challenge three: Begin to think of an adventure your character could go on. E.g. a table who goes on a mission to stop his wobble. A clock who wants to go back in time to see someone from the past, the key who doesn’t have a purpose and goes on a mission to find where it fits or a tap who wants do find out what is down the plughole. 


Then plan your story. 

Challenge four: Write a story about your character. 


Remember to create a detailed setting and plot which will engage the reader, build a clear beginning, middle and end and use paragraphs.