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WB 17.05.21

Another week of sunshine and showers! 


We have had a very exciting week in school, with our first visitor for months coming into the classroom to work with us (in a socially distanced way, of course) - Louise from the Life Bus came to see us with her pet giraffe Harold... but more about that later! As well as our visit from Louise, we have also had a wonderful time celebrating Science Week, the theme of which was 'Innovation'!


In Literacy, we have been writing our non-fiction texts all about safari animals, and in Maths we have been working on partitioning. For the Year 1s, this has meant splitting numbers up into tens and ones, while the Year 2s have been looking at more complex partition and the ways numbers can be split in different ways.


Enough about that, let's talk about Science Week! On Monday, we were set a very interesting challenge; to innovate and create safari vehicles that could be used in the African Savanna to track 'The Big 5'. We were split into groups and each allocated a 'Big 5' animal, and we then had to think carefully about the special features our vehicle would need to help us spot that animal while out on safari.


We worked really well in our groups to innovate our vehicles, drawing diagrams and labelling them with the vehicles' features. The 'Lions' group thought very carefully about adding a metal bar to the back of their truck, onto which they could tie raw meat to attract the lions, 'because lions are carnivores'. Great scientific vocabulary and thinking!


Eventually, we started to make our vehicles. Mrs Johnson said we could use any resources we could find in the classroom; while one person chose to use the Lego, everyone else used the junk modelling resources and what amazing results we had! The grown-ups were so impressed that lots of us remember our 'wheels and axels' work from before Easter, and were able to include wheels and axels that allowed our vehicles to move. Well done, everyone; super innovation and wonderful teamwork.


As we mentioned earlier, Louise from the Life Bus also came to see us this week. She spoke to us about the different feelings we experience and how we can handle some of these, and she also talked about the different organs inside our bodies and how we need to stay safe around medicines. Once again our grown-ups were wowed with our super vocabulary, amazing ideas and fabulous listening. 


What a busy week! Enjoy a well earned rest, everyone. smiley