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Week Beginning: 8th March 2021

How wonderful to see the children back at school again. We have both been so impressed with how quickly they have settled in. The children are engaged in lessons and appear ready and willing to work. It has also been lovely to see them playing with each other at break and lunch – we know this is something the majority of them have missed the most.


This week, we have started new topics in both maths and literacy. In maths we have been examining the properties of shapes and looking at co-ordinates and translation. In literacy, we have started the topic of persuasion. We have been finding out about persuasive techniques and identifying them in different texts and trying to use these techniques in our own work. The pupils have also been following a scheme of work linked to well-being which, we hope, will help them to settle back in to school.


It has been a great first week and we look forward to seeing them all again on Monday morning.