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14th May 2020

Congratulations! You've just finished your SATs! what I would have been saying today if life had carried on as normal. You would have just finished your final paper, and now be free. Unfortunately, things have turned out a little bit differently but my message from last week remains the same- we are all very proud of everything you have achieved over the course of the year. 

As always, let's kick off with the incredible work you have been producing!



We are drawing to a close with the Theme Park. I've been really impressed with how invested you are in it, so keep going because the finish line in sight!


This week I would like you to complete up to Task 17.


On top of that, I would like you to think about ' measure' this week. Can you practise converting between different units of measurement (think about length, weight and capacity). Set yourself a variety of questions and try to challenge yourself. An explanation, and examples, of how to convert between length can be found below:

Metric Units of Length | Convert mm, cm, m and km

Welcome to how to Convert Metric Units of Length with Mr. J! Need help with mm, cm, m, and km conversions? You're in the right place! Whether you're just sta...

And no, that's not a cartoon version of me.




Some of you have really got on board with your superhero plans this week, and the quality is fantastic. As mentioned last week, this week is the finishing week, where we now put it all together into our very own Comic Book!


How you go about this is up to you. I would recommend researching the style of comic books to see how they split things up. On this link (, you will find a wide variety of templates. If you have the ability to, you could print these off and join them together. If not, copy the style into your exercise book. I'm really excited to see what you can produce with a week's worth of comic book creation! Don't rush, take your time and do it over the course of the week. 


Reading and Mrs Wordsmith


Thank you to everyone who sends in your reading and Mrs Wordsmith work. Keep up the good work! Remember to be reading at home regularly and keep up with the AR tests.



Carrying on with our Tudor work, we are now going to be doing art! The Tudors were famous for their portraits- here is an example of a couple:

Above is a basic guide on drawing faces in proportion.


I would like you to have a go at a Tudor Portrait! You can choose to copy an existing picture, or...


Maybe you could choose to do a portrait of yourself! Take a picture of yourself and use that as a frame of reference. I'm very excited to see the results. Please note that this shouldn't be completed in the course of just one session- it should take multiple sessions to sketch out, properly finish the lines, and then colour in the way you want (pencils, pens, paint, it's up to you).




Additionally, I would like you to create the Tudor Rose symbol outside. Use your imagination and creativity to make something as big or small as you wish. Think about various outdoor materials that could be used for the different parts.


The added extras


Be sure to check out the trickshot montage in PE Challenges with Mr Tull if you have not done so! On top of this, Episode 2 is now up- Year 6 represented fantastically well last time, so let's do it again with some more great video submissions!


Countdown Word:


T   M   E   U   A   N   S   E   M


Riddle: What word becomes shorter when you add on letters?