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WB 10.1.22


In literacy this week we have been writing our diary entries as Percy the Park Keeper. We have really enjoyed this task and worked hard at writing in the first person and in past tense. We also looked at using adjectives and similes to describe a setting and applied our new skills to our busy learning. Next week we will be reading a new Percy book, we can't wait!


In year 1 we have been learning and practising how to share equally.  We have been using 'one for me one for you' to help us make sure that the groups we have made are equal.  We have then looked at how this can be written as a division number sentence. 


In year 2 we have been looking at division and multiplication families and how multiplication and division are the inverse of each other. 

We have been sharing an amount equally and then writing all the number sentences that apply to our problem. 

Well-Being Wednesday

We had our first well being Wednesday this week. We took part in a range of activities including PE to keep us active, Forest Skills to get us out in the fresh air and in nature. Finally we took part in some mindfulness and calming sessions to keep us focused. We are thrilled with how well the afternoon went and we are already looking forward to next week.