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Creating for Farmer Duck

Forest School Investigation

What a busy week.  It has been about sorting and matching in maths.  We have come up with lots of different ways to sort out farmer ducks treasure and have discussed these with our friends.  We have also started our forest school sessions - this has involved investigating our new forest area and used our sorting and matching knowledge to identify some different leaves that we see.

In literacy we have worked on oral blending - we have listened hard to the sounds in words, blended them together and then say what the word is.  Can you guess what C-A-T is?

We have also investigated the treasure that Farmer duck has found in his field and discussed how they feel - this is a texture investigation - we found things that were hard, bumpy, smooth and soft.  Can you discuss how objects at home feel?  Can you find something smooth?

Our last challenge was to create for Farmer duck using the big blocks - we had to work together to create, thinking of what he would like, how he would use it and how we could make it.

Well done Reception for such a fantastic hard working week - please look at the home link below that can support learning at home and if you require further information please email