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Monday 1st Feb

Collective worship

Watch this week's KS2 assembly. Think about how you have persevered this week. 


SPELLINGS (Homophones)

Duration: 15 minutes


Please practise your spellings. The words may not be very challenging, but knowing when to use them correctly is. Instead of simply spelling them, you should write them out in sentences so you are practising the word and the meaning. Alternatively, see if someone can read out a sentence so you have to identify the correct spelling of that word.



Duration: One hour


Learning Objective: To write an explanation text. 


At the start of every new unit of work, we always ask you to complete a 'cold task'. This is where you try to fulfil the learning objective with no input from us. By doing this, it gives us an insight into what you already know. It also gives you something to build on as we go through the unit. At the end of the unit, you are able to look at your initial piece of work and know how to improve it.


Today, we would like you to write an explanation text. This can be on any topic of your choice. An explanation text is where you describe how or why something happens. 


Please do your best with this and then keep it to refer back to over the next two weeks. 


Duration: 20 minutes

This week in our reading sessions, we are going to focus on the skill of inference. 

Sometimes, when reading, you will have to work out what is meant in a text. The technical term for this is inference, although it is also referred to as 'reading between the lines'. This is where you will need to look for what is suggested, rather than just what is being stated clearly or obviously. Detective skills are required. 



Look at this picture- write down all of the things you can see. 

Then write down the things you can infer.

e.g. I can see a guitar- I can infer that the boy enjoys listening to and playing music. Perhaps he is musical. 


Duration: 15 minutes




Grand and impressive in appearance. 

The castle is an imposing building. 


The lion was such an imposing creature that we all stood in awe. 


As I entered the building for my interview, I was greeted by such an imposing figure that I instantly became more nervous. 


The headteacher was an imposing woman with a very loud voice. 


The prince entered the banquet hall and the audience hushed as they caught sight of the imposing man who was to be king. 


Now have a go at writing your own examples. 




Duration: One hour



Learning Objective: To estimate answers by rounding to the nearest ten or one hundred. 

How to estimate for kids

Before we practise solving sums using estimation, we need to be confident that we can round numbers accurately to either the nearest ten or nearest one hundred. 


Duration: One hour

To find out about the work of a Christian charity.

To begin to understand how actions are motivated by beliefs.


Today we are going to research the charity 'The Salvation Army'


Your first task is to visit the charity website that can be found here: 

spend some time reading about what the charity does to help people.


Next read the slides below. Do you think the actions of the people who support The Salvation Army are influenced by their faith? Why?

Task: Create a poster that shows what The Salvation Army does to support people. 


Challenge: Show your understanding of how the Christian Beliefs of Christian people infuelce the work of The Salvation Army.


Duration: 10 minutes

Active 8 Minute Workout Featuring Harry


Duration: 15 minutes